Tesla Bot coming up soon to fix your car, buy groceries & do everything you don’t wish to do


Elon Musk seems unstoppable! After taking over the EV market, becoming the father of Dogecoin, taking the cryptocurrencies to the moon, and then being the second richest person in the world, now he wants to replace tedious manual work with robots. It looks like we are stepping into the futuristic world – all thanks to Musk! The future humanoid robot ‘Tesla Bot’ is comparable to the Terminator-like humanoid robot, but it is designed to do daily chores that people dislike. So, certainly, the world appears to be in good order.

Tesla Humanoid Robot at Tesla’s AI Day

The billionaire business visionary, at Tesla’s 2021 AI Day event, said the Tesla Bot, which measures roughly five foot eight inches tall, would be capable of doing anything from fastening bolts to cars with tools to getting supplies from supermarkets.

In response to a labour shortage, Musk stated that the robot would have “profound implications for the economy.” He stressed the importance of keeping the machine from not becoming “super-expensive.” Musk said, “Essentially, the future of physical work will be a choice.” He also stated that the humanoid will have five-fingered hands and will be “friendly”, which “you can run away from it and most likely overpower it.” Now, can Tesla Bot help me tidy up my room’s clothes pile?

The AI Day event took place as questions about Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” advanced driver assistance system’s safety and competence grew louder. Tesla engineers gave highly specialized presentations on the automaker’s automated driving capabilities to attract talent to Palo Alto, California, and the ‘Bot’ was the star of the first AI Day.

In terms of availability, Musk claimed that the first Tesla Bot prototype would be unveiled in 2022. However, the company has no word about the date of selling commercial humanoid robots for industrial or personal usage.

What are your thoughts? Is this a brilliant idea or doom and gloom for the future of jobs? Reach out to us with your opinions on our LinkedIn post. 


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