The ‘Holiday House’ of Louis Vuitton gets a dose of glitz and glamour

Louis Vuitton 'Holiday House'
Louis Vuitton 'Holiday House'

This bling and glittery commercial from Louis Vuitton, with the help of director Roman Coppola, won’t let you down.

We adore a sentimental track, especially around the holidays when our emotions are at their most vulnerable. Candi Staton’s “Young Hearts Run Free” perfectly complements the most recent collection by Louis Vuitton.

For its dazzling disco-themed Christmas ad, luxury French fashion label Louis Vuitton has drawn on the creativity of Roman Coppola.

Augustus Punch directs it, with Roman Coppola serving as creative director. “Holiday House” features beautiful French actress Stacy Martin. In the ad, she travels through a wonderland of ski resorts, fanciful clouds embellished with luxurious bags, and a full-fledged sequin joyful Christmas party atmosphere.

The ad appears to be like a make-believe dollhouse, where everyone is carrying Louis Vuitton suitcases. It almost seems like an expensive magical realm. But that’s what Christmas is all about – Magic!

LaPac and the Directors Bureau co-produced the film, but Coppola and Augustus Punch, together with LaPac’s Sebastiaan Vermuel, came up with the concept.

When it comes to travel, Louis Vuitton presents something lavishly whimsical, and this ultimate feeling of being in fantasy is the attitude the company has always focused on. Travelling is like that urge to disappear from reality and experience something out of this world. And if you can’t make it happen, holidays sure can.

“We hope the viewer experiences the spirit in which it was made, which is coming together with friends and family, the delight of gifting, appreciating beautifully crafted designs, and that sense of magic that we all love about the holidays,” says Coppola.


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