A school uniform in Mexico makes detecting malnutrition in children simple – Here’s how?


In Mexico, one out of every eight children under the age of five is malnourished. The problem with this issue is that, while kids may look active initially, they are likely undernourished.

To deal with this undetectable problem, Kellogg’s came up with an easy approach to identify the lack of nourishment in children using school uniforms.

Estimating the perimeter of a child’s arm is a fantastic approach to stagger on ill-health. Kellogg created a uniform with a unique metre sleeve in collaboration with professionals that confirmed alterations constantly.

Mother, father & teachers should quickly determine a child’s nutritional notoriety regarding the shades at the band by adjusting the sleeve. Each uniform is made with directions as well as a phone number for people to call for assistance.

The uniform shirts have been added to schools around the country, and many markers have been cited in less than a month since the uniforms were delivered.

Children who appeared normal but instead were actually malnourished were recognised and treated well owing to the uniform.


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