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With nearly 6 million apps in the prominent app stores, is it that easy to get your app recognized? Well, probably not! So how to increase your app’s visibility? The answer is through app store optimization. But what exactly is app store optimization? If you have the same question that often pop-up in your head, read today’s article till the end. So, let’s get started!  

What is app store optimization?  

App store optimization (ASO) is the process by which your app’s visibility is improved by optimizing its rank within (various app stores. This means more visibility and higher ranking of your app would attract more traffic and convert in more clicks, thereby ensuring downloads. The important metrices of ASO are: click-through rate (CTR) which can be optimized through App’s name, title etc. ; the downloads part is the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) 

One proven way for app store optimization is to include keywords that your potential customers might be using to search for the app they are looking for. For example, if you’re searching for a photo editing app, what would you search for? Editing apps or apps for editing pictures? The common words include ‘editing and apps”. Make sure you include these while publishing the app to hone traffic.  


App store optimization factors that need your attention-  

  • App name and app title  
  • Description  
  • Keyword usage  
  • Subtitles  
  • Downloads  
  • Reviews and ratings  

 Before understanding these, let’s understand why ASO matters to app developers today more than ever. Let’s get into it!  

How ASO is important for your app’s growth 

According to Google data, nearly 40% of apps on the Google play store are discovered through its searches only. This means app stores are actually the hub of apps and so most used method for finding them. That makes ASO the most powerful tool available to your app. If you’re not optimizing your app, you can never get to the eyes of your potential customers leading to avoidable losses. Hence, we can conclude, ASO is your secret weapon towards success.   

App Store…the most searched method for apps 

Around 70% mobile users search apps and a direct search result in 65% of downloads, making app stores the most search method for downloading apps. This makes a correlation between search ranking position of an app with the number of downloads.  

App store optimization factors  

SEO ranking plays a crucial role in ranking your page higher, and so does your app. Below are the tried and tested strategies that will rank your app higher in the app store search engine if used appropriately. Therefore, pay attention to these!  

App name and app title  

That is the first thing a user sees so the app’s name needs to be relevant and easy to read. While giving your app a name, spend enough time searching for keywords with the heaviest search engine traffic. Major amount of ranking weight is held with keywords in the app name. 

To the point Description  

App descriptions might be tricky to handle. They are relevant for users. It provides relevant and to the point information about the app and its features. So, it creates awareness among users. Once your potential users are aware of it, they automatically get attracted. 

Keyword usage  

When you are on your journey towards improving your app search ranking, what better than using the relevant keywords that your targeted users mostly use? (ASO is helpful here with its tools at work. App Radar is one of most useful tools. Its easy-to-use interface can track keywords and analyze them. Other tools are Appsflyer and SplitMetrics. 


If you want to be more descriptive, here’s another chance for you. Subtitles are present under the main title that needs to be short, crisp, and clean. Therefore, choose wisely.  


Whatever you do, ultimately, it’s the download button that matters. Keeping screenshots and app preview videos promotes more downloads. They have a big role in conversion rate optimization. It gives a functional idea of the app. Here the best areas of app can be shown to attract more attention. 

Reviews and ratings  

When you first launch an app, customers ratings and reviews are the most important aspect that you need to take into consideration. Note, the better the ratings of your app, the higher it ranks.  

 Benefits of App Store Optimization 

  1. ASO helps in increase Organic App Downloads 

Good efforts given to this genre ensures that the app has organic installs. With constant monitoring and updating relevant keywords will attract users to your app.  

  1. Reduce User Acquisition Costs and improves Growth

Focusing on organic growth will cut down on user acquisition costs. This gives double benefit of lowering cost as well as ensuring constant growth. 

  1. Growth in App Revenue and Conversion Rates

ASO is an all-in-one tool to ensure growth at each step. Why spend on in-app ads, in-app purchases and still not sure of getting converted when ASO involves Conversion Rate Optimization that gets people clicking through and download.   

  1. Reach a global audience with your app

Localization is the key to attract diversified users. ASO has a process called localization that makes your app available in multiple languages. That can make your app global.  


Today, when every second person knows how to develop an app and produce amazing apps, it is hard for you to stay on the top. However, our strategies will help you do so. To know more about app store optimization, click here!  


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