The most memorable ads of 2021

Commercials that stood out in 2021
Commercials that stood out in 2021

2021 is coming to an end and with that, let’s compile a list full of outstanding campaigns that created a buzz in social media and mainstream media. 

Not just a Cadbury ad

The pandemic wreaked havoc on India’s economy. So to support local business, Cadbury launched a beautiful campaign.

Shah Rukh Khan stars in the 2.18-minute hyper-local tailored ad, promoting a local textile merchant, shoe business, gadgets store, and Kirana shop. In two weeks, the advertisement publicised 7000+ shops to 34 million people.

On YouTube, the video has over 1 million views.

Slice is ‘Sabse Thick Sabse Tasty’ drink 

In Nielsen’s blind tasting with the top mango beverages, Slice® was regarded as the thickest and tastiest.

 In keeping with this, prominent actor and brand ambassador Katrina Kaif starred in the ‘Sabse Thick Sabse Tasty’ campaign, which a cool TVC complemented. Katrina encourages everyone to try the ‘Sabse Thick Sabse Tasty’ challenge in the commercial. 

Perk Khao, Light ho jao

Cadbury Perk teamed up with Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt for a witty commercial. ‘Take It Light’ is the message of the campaign. 

The film opens with Alia and Pavail doing the ‘Jaimala’ ceremony on a wedding mandap. As a rite, Pavail’s friends raise him onto their shoulders. Alia agrees to the challenge, and with a bite of Cadbury Perk, she floats herself in the air and places the ‘Jaimala’ around his neck, saying ‘Perk Khao, light ho jao’.

The background music ‘Ud Gaye’ by Ritviz complements the TVC.

Cadbury Dairy Milk recreation of ‘Kuch Khaas Hai’ ad

In 1994, Cadbury Dairy Milk launched an iconic campaign, ‘Kuch Khaas Hai’ in India. It featured a girlfriend happy with his boyfriend’s victory in a cricket match. In 2021, it came with a twist – a gender swap. In the place of the male cricketer, it is a woman, and the man sits on the margin of the women’s cricket match. When his presumed girlfriend hits the winning run, he runs past the security and sprints to his girlfriend to hug her with a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar in his hand. 

Thums up ‘Taane Palat De’

Thums Up launched an Ogilvy-conceived marketing campaign – #TaanePalatDe.

#TaanePalatDe is a salute to the athletes of Team India who overcame all difficulties to represent India at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games in Japan. 

Tanishq ‘When It Rings True

Tanishq launched a campaign to promote its exceptional engagement rings. The commercial depicts the particular bond between the couples, which is the first stage towards a devoted life known as marriage.

The 90-second film evokes pleasant sentiments in couples regarding their engagement and togetherness. Sense of belonging and love were beautifully displayed, enticing couples to buy diamond rings.

The advertisement received over 4 million views and likes on YouTube alone.

Blue heaven ‘O! Beauty Beauty!’

The video genuinely reflects beauty as it transpires in real life, in every household, by portraying simple, ordinary moments where women dabble in makeup to brighten their attitude, complement their attire, or just take a picture. Blue Heaven collaborates with its consumers in these ordinary, primary, and joyful times.

“O! Beauty Beauty!” is a new message that pays tribute to the gorgeous ladies who love having fun. 


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