Apple released a banger “Start up” entirely made from Apple products


Apple has long been linked to the music biz, from iPods to Bono and GarageBand. On Monday, the company began its Mac-focused Unleashed event with a unique ode to products’ sounds from the preceding 45 years. Sounds cool, right?

A. G. Cook, an artist-producer, produced the music from the ground up, using solely famous Apple sounds. These were computers turning on, an email wooooosh, keyboard audio, iPod click wheel, AirPods case closing, and so on.

Apple’s software created the entire tune, and the music video and song highlighted Apple products throughout. It seems to be at a period as they were unveiling new audio-led devices, which was opportune.

Many Apple fans seemed to accept that the song was a banger due to the supremacy of Apple products for years. An Apple fanatic wrote, “Apple nerds have tears in their eyes right now, with the opening scene in the garage.”

The Apple-sounding track has the benefit of being brief and snappy, with a mix of remembrance and current technology emotionally invested in a catchy tune. TikTok or Instagram will definitely use it, or perhaps it will break Billboard charts’ record.


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