Arjun Kapoor is angry in latest Toothsi’s campaign, and we all can relate to him

Arjun Kapoor is angry in latest Toothsi's campaign, and we all can relate to him
Arjun Kapoor is angry in latest Toothsi's campaign, and we all can relate to him

After expressing his frustration with having metal braces as a kid, Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor discusses the ease of using ‘Toothsi’ clear aligners in the brand’s campaign.

Prior to the marketing ad, a teaser released, which starred a certainly enraged Arjun Kapoor.

The cryptic Instagram post by Arjun Kapoor

The Bollywood actor used Instagram to post an emotive statement about an on-set meltdown. Look at the screenshot.

Arjun Kapoor Instagram post

Source: Instagram

The strange post confused the fans throughout the country. News sources and e-tabloids started covering the tragedy as people wondered. Several outlets, including The Indian Express, News 18, India Today, The Hindustan Times, and others, reported the social media post.

After the post went viral, Kapoor made the announcement again the next day to tell the reality about his temper outburst. He said he was enraged at the company for which he was filming an ad – Toothsi. Clear aligners are available to correct issues such as tooth alignment, deep bites, and more.

Introducing ‘You’re lucky, there’s Toothsi’

Toothsi recently partnered with Arjun Kapoor for the ‘You’re lucky, there’s Toothsi!’ commercial in an unusual move. The Bollywood actor argues in the film that young Indian customers have the privilege to use clear aligners rather than typical metal braces, which create serious bodily pain and cosmetic issues.

He discusses how having metal braces during his adolescence gave him a lot of stress. He was bullied and had to give up his favourite food items.

Kapoor invites audiences to try Toothsi for all their dental alignment concerns at the conclusion of the ad. He then requests permission to take the aligners home with him. However, he is assured that they are made to be customised for each user.

How is it an outstandingly brilliant idea?

This one-of-a-kind method of delivering the brand’s product keeps the customers entertained until the very finale. The narrative is unique and sympathetic to individuals who dealt with the inconvenient hardship of wearing metal braces. The campaign owes it to the shock factor.

Toothsi uniquely promotes smile repair with this campaign, unmatched anything at all in its category.

It’s a brilliant tactic. What do you think?


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