Taylor Swift comes back spectacularly with ‘Red’ and internet feels 22 again

Taylor Swift comes back spectacularly with 'Red' and internet feels 22 again
Taylor Swift comes back spectacularly with 'Red' and internet feels 22 again

Let’s roll back to 2012 again with Taylor’s rerelease of her most famous albums of all time.

It’s been a thrill to witness Taylor Swift rediscover her life. After the spectacular release of Fearless (Taylor’s Version), the renowned musician pointed out that the 2020s will see a slew of re-recorded versions of the most well-known albums. Along with many previously unheard tracks that have been keenly awaited. And which Taylor’s next album gets the much-desired power to revamp? Obviously, Red.

The release of Red (Taylor’s Version) on Spotify on the 12th led the platform to breakdown momentarily, with numerous customers experiencing difficulties on social media. Below is Spotify’s social media homage to Taylor Swift.

Why is Taylor Swift a genius?

Call her a mastermind, but she’s pushed the internet into a stormy, emotional fever. Swifties and TikTokers can now listen to the pleasant tunes of the 30-track project, which features hits like “I Knew You Were Trouble (Taylor’s Version)” and “22 (Taylor’s Version).” Taylor decided that a three-minute song wasn’t long enough, so she released a ten-minute version of “All Too Well,” one of her most popular songs. There’s also a short film with Dylan O Brien and Sadie Sink.

Taylor Swift is a genius, without a doubt. Her songs have shaped an era, bringing joy to the hopeless, happiness to those seeking it, and meaning to those trapped. We all lay here listening to Red (Taylor’s Version) over and over.

Fans theories right at it

Now many fans have theories about what inspired her to do this. The remake of Swift’s 2012 album, many believe, is influenced by her romance with actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Although Swift didn’t confirm this, the fandom has found out who is the focus of almost every Swift song.

It’s all about the red scarf she left at his sister’s house and why he still keeps it. Because Taylor was 20 when she began dating 29-year-old Jake Gyllenhaal. If you watched the video, know that Sadie is 19 and Dylan is 30.

Give her the scarf already, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Thank you, Taylor Swift, for bringing back the memories

The song “All Too Well” is close to the fans as anyone who was a one-sided lover or experienced the devastation of a romance at an early age understands how heartbreaking it can be. And who better than Taylor Swift to write a song about it?

Have you had a chance to listen to Red (Taylor’s Version)? What are your thoughts? What is your favourite piece of music?


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