Customer segmentation: What different personality types expect?

Customer segmentation: What different personality types expect?
Customer segmentation: What different personality types expect?

Even though the decision-making appears to be quite consistent, no two persons make decisions in the same manner. As a result, the most effective marketing creatives use customer segmentation to improve targeting.

Customers’ wants and actions are the core of customer segmentation. It ensures that you are best placed to answer their concerns and sell more of your products. It’s critical to understand your target market’s demographics. But, it’s a necessity to go a step beyond and use personality-based marketing. Behavioural data is particularly important for targeting since it may help you figure out how your customers interact with your company.

Customer segmentation: What different personality types expect?

Advantages of customer segmentation

Customer segmentation has several benefits, including more informative marketing strategies, promotional strategies, product innovation, creative and copy creation, and delivering relevant content to customers or prospects. Before creating customer segments and launching personality-based ads, you must have a goal in mind. The amount of data gathered from various sources is practically endless. It is, however, only beneficial if you can put it to use.

Case study: Hilton worldwide personalized its marketing messages

Hilton looked into the personalities of those who interacted with them on Facebook and liked their accounts. They created ten different ads based on the distinct personality traits they discovered.

Results? Personality-based ads, unsurprisingly, have a CTR twice as high as the industry average. Users shared them three times as much as expected on Facebook.

Hilton created a Holiday Matchmaker app based on the campaign’s success. It could estimate a user’s personality based on their Facebook likes and offer appropriate vacation spots, packages, and travel companions.

The way ahead for businesses with behavioural research

Marketers and communicators can now take a more tailored approach to their business, ideally founded on behavioural research. However, the execution falls short of the study, while some marketers’ claims about what personality-based ads can do far surpass it.

According to scientific research, personality-based ads boost the efficiency of the advertising message and other types of persuasive communication by adapting them to people’s personality types. We may now progress from seeing peculiarities in human behaviour to deciphering what genuinely motivates individuals at scale and engaging them. Whether we employ it for compassionate communication and beneficial outcomes, or misdirection and exploitation, depends on how we do it.


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