Chacha Chaudhary & Suppandi, 90s cartoon icons, star in new Cred ad

Chacha Chaudhary and Suppandi, 90s cartoon icons, star in new Cred ad
Chacha Chaudhary and Suppandi, 90s cartoon icons, star in new Cred ad

Cred’s current commercial uses comic book characters Chacha Chaudhary and Suppandi, after sportspeople and Bollywood celebrities.

CRED, a Bangalore-based finance firm launched in 2018, has gained market trust and praise for its unique advertising. It showcases former athletes, artists, and musicians.

For months, the company has been on fire for crafting interesting advertising. Their advertising seems to be everywhere to see and love, whether it’s a furious Rahul Dravid, a funny Kapil Dev, or Neeraj Chopra in various moods.

With its ingenuity and humour, the brand has established a position in the TV and digital advertising arena, best recognised for its reward-based credit card payments functionality.

A “refreshing change” in CRED ad

The most recent chapter is a nostalgic walk back to childhood. And the internet community is ecstatic.

In its first-ever animated feature, CRED has employed two of the most memorable figures in Indian comic book history, Chacha Chaudhary and Suppandi.

Pran Kumar Sharma, a cartoonist, invented Chacha Chaudhary in the 1970s. The character was known for his extraordinary intellect, which set him apart from other comic-book superheroes. He wasn’t a hulking brute, and he didn’t have any special abilities. But he was the most intelligent person in the room.

Suppandi has featured in Tinkle Comics since 1983, thanks to Ram Waeerkar’s creation. Despite his ignorance, he was a moron who devoted himself to his masters. But it was his idiocy, or merit of being an ignorant idiot, that drew in multitudes of admirers.

Returning to CRED, the business produced an animated ad film featuring the two characters to encourage financial responsibility and autonomy.

Through a lighthearted discussion between the two characters, the 2.46-minute movie depicts evolving conditions in today’s world of finance.

Raghubir Yadav plays Chacha Chaudhary, and entertainer Suresh Menon portrays Suppandi.

NFTs, space exploration, climate change, and meme and reel obsession are just a few of the issues they talk about. It also emphasises Cred’s reward points for people who utilise the service to pay their credit card bills.

Behind this brilliant ad

Bakarmax, a well-known webcomic and animation-design studio, developed the film.

Trupthi Shetty, lead-growth and entertainment, Cred, said, “Cred is reinventing nostalgia by bringing something new to old with familiar personalities to encourage financial independence and literacy. We are delighted to work with team Bakarmax who came up with this concept, where we could bring in beloved characters from the 90s to send across the messaging to our members and consumers.”

Sumit Kumar, founder, Bakarmax, said, “It is a pleasure for the team to collaborate with Cred. The process of building a concept that would bring back nostalgia with our favourite characters with a twist has been a great experience.”


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