Spotify Wrapped 2021: A personal touch to ‘New Normals’

Spotify Wrapped 2021: A personal touch to 'New Normals'
Spotify Wrapped 2021: A personal touch to 'New Normals'

The completion of 2021 is incomplete without Spotify Wrapped. And this time, the campaign just got more interactive and personalized fanciness. Okay, this does sound fancy? Let’s see what it is all about.

Does anyone of you have a single clue about the “normal”? The hardships this world has faced in the almost last two years need some relaxation. That’s the thought behind Spotify Wrapped 2021, the music streaming platform’s yearly campaign. It’s a lovely attempt to help consumers reminisce about the back year’s music habits.

The campaign’s theme this year is “Totally Normal,” a playful reference to the unusual year 2021, which puts the current global pandemic in the spotlight. This year, Spotify added games, artist video clips, stories, and other bells and whistles to their Wrapped playlist. In addition, personalized films that recapitulate subscribers’ activities on the platform.

This year’s Wrapped playlists, for one, include music and podcast listening habits as Spotify expands its presence in the market. TikTok, as well as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter, allow users to post their wrapped playlists directly.

Spotify Wrapped 2021 features the year’s most-streamed artists like Bad Bunny, Olivia Rodrigo, Justin Bieber, BTS and Doja Cat. And some of the fan favourite podcasts “Misfits” and “Science V” to promote that there is nothing normal about 2021.

Spotify VP-Global Executive Creative Alex Bodman said during a virtual press conference, “There are normals—lots of them. Spotify’ Wrapped’ is a chance to celebrate all of them. While this year has been wildly different for all of us, there’s one thing we can collectively say: 2021 ‘Wrapped’ is the soundtrack to the new normals.”

All about 2021 Spotify Wrapped Hub

  • 2021: The Movie

Spotify paired users’ most-listened-to songs with spoof opening titles, “fight scenes,” and dancing theme music to produce dramatic glimpses of their listening habits.

  • Your Artists Revealed

Fans can build their bonds with creators by receiving personalized podcast episodes and tracks showcasing their favourite musicians from the previous year. Also, fans will get ‘Thank You’ videos from over 170 creative artists in their Wrapped playlists.

  • Audio Aura

Users can also visualize the colours of their aura depending on the top two music moods of the year in Stories.

  • Wrapped 2021: Blend

Audiences can compare their 2021 music tastes with pals and create a mixed playlist to post on social media.

  • Playing Cards (Two Truths and Lie)

In this interactive game, the users are given three data points, and they have to guess the truth and lie.

How impressive is this?

Spotify’s global in-house team, led by VP and global executive creative director Alex Bodman and senior director of product for customization Ziad Sultan, created the effort. Spotify collaborated with data analysts and local agencies to personalize the campaign for each of the 33 markets.

Visually impressive expressive billboards with a moving “thread” that connects photography, font, and witty text has been fundamental to Spotify’s marketing. Spotify always wants to convey data of consumers’ listening habits in a tale through innovative campaigning.

“In 2021, it was normal to consume lots of Butter, guilt-free,” says one BTS ad. Most of us fell in love with BTS over the last year with Dynamite and Butter. It streamed approximately 650 million times on Spotify in 2021, according to the billboard. Other posters feature Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Olivia Rodrigo, Spotify’s most globally streamed artists and the creators of the year’s most-streamed single and album.

3rd year for India’s Spotify Wrapped

“In 2021, there is no one definition of normal. The look and feel of the campaigns this year are a little bit different as well. We’ve gone very, very vibrant with the colours as well,” Neha Ahuja, Head of Marketing at Spotify India, said in a statement.

In terms of artists, Arijit Singh continues to be India’s most-streamed artist, and this trend is likely to continue in 2020. ‘Raataan Lambiyan’ by Asees Kaur, Jubin Nautiyal, and Tanishk Bagchi was the most streamed song in India in 2021. When it concern podcasts, Spotify originals account for half of the top ten most popular. Surprisingly, the most popular podcasts in India were also produced by Indians. Ahmedabad, Lucknow, and Jaipur are among the top 10 cities to stream podcasts.


Wrapped is “the biggest, most impactful campaign of the year,” according to Bodman, who refused to reveal the campaign’s media budget. The campaign will run on traditional and digital billboards, connected TV, online video, social media, the web, and in the Spotify app throughout the world.

Spotify has also unveiled an outdoor advertising campaign using playlists generated by musicians and regular customers.

“We’ve spent a lot of time dreaming about a return to ‘normalcy,’ but as we sat down and began reflecting on this year, we realized there is no such thing as ‘normal,’ and that’s something worth celebrating,” said Bodman in a statement. “On Spotify, ‘normal’ is whatever you listen to. However, you choose to listen to it.”


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