Corona Beer welcomes you to its private “Corona Island”

Corona Beer welcomes you to its private "Corona Island"
Corona Beer welcomes you to its private "Corona Island"

It’s not just the wealthiest people in the world who buy private islands. Now, the food and beverage giants are also entering into this. This seems like a pleasant experience until an island is for ‘Squid Game’. But that isn’t the case here. It’s our Corona beer that surpassed its significant competitors by opening up a getaway island.

Corona Beer is attempting to connect the revival of experiential marketing to its long-standing sustainability purpose.

As part of its continuous sustainability goals, the Anheuser-Busch InBev brand will run “Corona Island,” a branded private island in the Caribbean. Through 2022, it is offering ecologically sound vacation holidays to customers.

Corona is acquiring the island near Colombia from the Colombian government. It will operate with a native hotel operator for next year. This is a goal of expanding this super-fancy experience into future periods.

It’s “a magical destination centred on sustainability,” according to the brand. Guests can escape the never-ending stress and participate in educational activities centred on mindful consumption and environmental conservation.

Workshops on plastic-free life supervised meditations synced to ambient island noises, and visits to on-site farmland that will provide the island’s local ingredients are just a few cases of possible activities. Corona’s “eco-conscious design” and “culinary programming inspired by the location’s organic surroundings” are also featured.

How to witness this “exquisite” experience?

Corona is working with the environmental NGO Oceanic Global to have the “Blue Verified” island as part of its Blue Standard programme. Oceanic will better teach both guests and workers about the initiative.

The number of guests will be tightly within limits in the confines of Corona’s plan to guarantee the island functions with a low ecological impact. There are two options for visiting. First, Corona’s global auction provided one winner and nine guests with an unparalleled private island vacation. It involves seven day stay in 2022, with earnings going to Oceanic Global through an auction.

Residents of 11 countries (Argentina, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Paraguay, Peru, and South Africa) can then gain “miles” toward a stay on the island by buying specified Corona goods. The island will also be accessible through invite and localized competitions.

Corona appears to be the first beverage company to title an island after itself.

In an announcement, Felipe Ambra, worldwide VP of Corona, said, “Corona Island is unlike anything we’ve ever done before.” He added, “As a brand that’s so deeply connected with nature, we wanted to pay respect to and celebrate the natural environment that supplies our 100% natural ingredients. Now more than ever, people have a need to safely reconnect with the outdoors.”

Nature drives people towards it. People always want an escape from stressful life, and what’s better than being around nothing but the natural ambience. Corona Island’s objective is somewhat around this to teach them and make them fall in love with the environment all over again.

Experience paradise!


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