Diwali ad ‘Deliver the Love’ by Amazon India to honour unsung Covid heroes, goes viral on social media


Amazon India welcomes Diwali with a beautiful ad, “deliver the love”, as an ode for unsung COVID-19 heroes.

Although Diwali has arrived, the pandemic has again marred the festive mood. Even though people are preparing to enjoy one of India’s most important festivals, the second Covid-19 wave’s tough days are impossible to forget. The latest ad by Amazon India expresses appreciation to strangers who assisted people in moments of need. Many people have expressed their support for the festival’s deed of honouring unsung Covid heroes.

The e-commerce platform’s latest ad depicts a mother-son combo personally bringing a present to one such stranger, referring to them as “special family.”

The son questions his mother about who they will be meeting with the present, but she cannot provide any. They reach an unfamiliar location soon after and ring the doorbell, expecting someone to open it. Meanwhile, the lady informs her son that when the youngster became critically ill in April of this year, this stranger assisted them in securing a hospital bed.

The young man is unable to control his emotions since he is overworked. When an old Sikh opens the door, the teenager greets him with a happy Diwali and hands him the present. Many people have been moved to tears by what occurred next. The man greets him with a loving hug, claiming that the kid requires no greeting.

The moving video went popular rapidly, with over 4.3 million views on Facebook alone. This year, the brand encouraged consumers to spend Diwali with “special family” members and “deliver the love themselves” to individuals who had supported them to get through challenging moments. Others were also encouraged to present their personal stories.


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