Diwali Ads 2021: Ads that brought cultural goodness and drew attention

Diwali Ads 2021
Diwali Ads 2021

Diwali 2021 ads for the week

Take a look at these stunning Diwali creative ads that caught our eye.

Bajaj Finance

Bajaj Finance has launched a Diwali campaign named ‘EMI hai na’ (EMI is there, right?) to advertise the deals available on brands. The film, created in-house, tries to present the brand as a low-cost platform for cellphones, domestic appliances, and other items.

The film includes a melody that expresses the overall thoughts of Indian middle-class shoppers while buying premium goods. It fits the description of India’s unification in the setting of monthly instalment purchases.

Reliance Digital Diwali ad

In the run-up to Diwali, Reliance Digital has launched a campaign to raise attention about its electronic outlets. The film is created by 21N78E Creative Labs, who captured various interactions that aided people in surviving an anxiety-filled pandemic year.

#RishtonKiBoli depicts the bonds formed during the Covid lockdown, and those people are now a chosen family. It shows several biological and adopted families enjoying Diwali by reviving faith as the world returns to being normal. 

Parker Pen

Parker Pen unveiled a campaign to pitch its pen line as an ideal gift for major corporations and consumers seeking a sense of belonging. The brand is portrayed as a strong companion that represents luxury and purpose in Ogilvy’s conceptual films.

Each clip represents various gifters bestowing a Parker Pen on their recipients on Diwali and appreciating them for numerous reasons. The giftees, on the other hand, are so enamoured with their Parker Pens that they react to praises with “great pen.”

Tanishq Diwali ad

The Tanishq Diwali ad, titled Utsaah, is based on the numerous encounters between friends and family that occur at festivals. The ad showcases everything social about festivals and jewellery, from friends seeing one another for Diwali to a son returning home for the festive season to older women connecting over jewellery.


Vivo launched a new campaign, ‘Joy of Homecoming,’ on the celebration of Diwali, spanning both traditional and digital channels.

The advertisement begins with an older gentleman who has driven his family to relocate abroad and now lives alone in a large house with his carer. But, he is haunted by the separation between him and his children. As a result, he finds comfort in the companionship of the visitors who rent his home. The narrative then shifts to Diwali, when a young man tries to flee the dirty urban life and connects with an older adult during his trip. The film concludes positively, reconciling the older man and his family, implying that Diwali is a homecoming holiday best spent with family members.


The festive advertising is based on joy and hope, as well as rich local cultural traditions. With a highly and multi-channel campaign, it highlights the ethos of optimism. The films are written and directed in regional dialects, such as Tamil and Marathi, to honour the regions’ specific cultural characteristics.

Amazon India

Amazon India launched an advertisement some few days ahead of Diwali that has earned the respect of many people. Consumers were invited to celebrate Diwali with “special family” members and “deliver the love” to unsung Covid heroes who had helped them overcome obstacles.

The video may leave you speechless as well as make you happy.


Wiggles.in announced its #NoToNoise Diwali campaign, which seeks to ensure that our pets and animals enjoy a festive season with joy, happiness, and love. On digital and social media channels, the Diwali ads #NoToNoise are now active.


Nilkamal, a furniture business, has launched a new campaign called #KhushiyonKeLiyeHameshaReady, which encourages people to add more grounds to enjoy this festive period to their homes.

Makani Creatives produced a series of films that quickly resonate with millennials by portraying daily occurrences with an unexpected twist that makes the audience smile. These films show customers’ relationships with their dear ones and emphasise the importance of furniture in turning those occasions into recollections.



Diwali ad ‘Deliver the Love’ by Amazon India to honour unsung Covid heroes, goes viral on social media

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