YouTube SEO: Analyzing search queries and delivering targeting content

Youtube SEO

YouTube has emerged as the largest platform for companies looking to create brands for themselves.

When you hear Search Engine Optimization, you immediately think about Google. However, YouTube is not far behind. The latest trends show that while Google gets an average of 3.5 billion searches in a month, YouTube receives approximately 3 billion video searches in the same duration. YouTube is also the second most popular social media platform making it perfect for video marketing. Hence, YouTube SEO has become crucial.

Youtube SEO

YouTube SEO Is Different from Google

Google queries are around “what”, while YouTube video searches are primarily around “how to”. The YouTube algorithm looks at a search query differently and prioritizes watch duration and people interactions. It gives a level field to everyone where a new brand can easily outrank an established one. Most people state that they find new brands by video searches or by exploring relevant video channels.

Analyze, Optimize and Expand Your Reach

If you are new to YouTube marketing, you must know that the platform is slightly different from traditional search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. But the good news is, you can implement the same tools and techniques to find and analyze keywords. Keywords play a significant role in YouTube SEO. Play around with relevant keyword searches and see what’s working and what’s not. Identifying the right keywords means you have won half of the battle.

Keyword placement is also essential. Try using the combination of primary keywords, secondary keywords and video category in the title and description. YouTube algorithms heavily rely on the video title, description and type. If you are making a sports-related video, put it under an irrelevant category such as “News & Politics”. The algorithm won’t push it to the top.

You also need to track the performance and make necessary changes on the go. You can customize YouTube channels if you are not getting the desired results. Small details like a catchy thumbnail can be a differentiator. Apparently, thumbnails containing BOGY (Blue, Orange, Green and Yellow) colours get more clicks than other standard colours.


YouTube is a powerful video marketing tool. However, if you don’t optimize effectively, your product will not appear in the relevant video searches. Hence, you need to learn the rules and master the game of YouTube SEO to reach your target audience.


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