Hyundai NEXO: A car that blows bubbles and scatters flowers

Hyundai Nexo

Hyundai has invented something extraordinary – the car that releases a trail of bubbles from behind – to expose an eco-friendly Hyundai NEXO to an ecologically conscious era.

The automaker paired together with German creative agency Jung von Matt/Spree and Berlin-based design company Neulant van Exel to design a humorous image.

While Americans are progressively warming up to battery technology, hydrogen has been tested in other world regions.

The advantage of hydrogen is that it consumes efficiently, producing no carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, and South Korea are creating prototype projects. Indeed, hydrogen is the future of greener technologies.

Hydrogen solutions have previously shown to be viable, so this isn’t science fiction. South Korea’s top car company debuted hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles in 2018. This was prior to the country announcing plans to build three hydrogen towns.

Hydrogen, Water, Flowers and Bubbles altogether

The Hyundai NEXO has a 60 percent fuel economy, a recharging time comparable to a coffee break, and a capability that outperforms electric car rivals in northern climates. One million NEXOs driving would equal planting new 600,000 trees in terms of carbon dioxide absorption.

The problem for Hyundai was to communicate this to the general public. Explaining science is difficult, but the human desire for a better, greener future is universal.

Here, the concept for Hyundai’s “Life Is in the Air” campaign came to life. A car that discharges bubbles from the tailpipe instead of harmful gases is itself a whimsical charm. Something that plants trees while driving is a striking symbol for clean, sustainable transportation.

After determining the proper mixture of soap and seeds that would fly within the bubble, the Neulant van Exel team went on to the bubble-blowing device, as explained in the campaign’s accompanying “Engineer Story.”

The water streaming out of the NEXO falls in a tailored attachment that functions as a regular bubble-blowing machine to demonstrate that the car does not discharge any toxic gases. “Life Is in the Air” advertised actual urban planting naturally, as the bubble mixture included the wildflower seeds.

The fun campaign demonstrates how hydrogen-powered vehicles may provide zero-emission vehicles.

Following are some more activities

  • Games.
  • Tips on #bubblegardening and a selection of movies
  • Photos and accounts of people’s amazement and delight at seeing the bubble-blowing NEXO pass past their neighbourhood.

“I think it’s charming that in the end, we built a machine that looks industrial and heavy to make something as light as bubbles coming out of a car,” says Neulant van Exel designer Yomi Ajani.


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