Employees at Publicis Groupe have option to work from anywhere for six weeks

Employees at Publicis Groupe have option to work from anywhere for six weeks
Employees at Publicis Groupe have option to work from anywhere for six weeks

Employees of the Publicis Groupe will now be able to work from literally anywhere, from any corner of the world.

Publicis Groupe unveiled its “Work Your World” programme as a global employee-first experience that will start in January. Individuals working for Publicis for at least 1-year can work for up to six weeks each year from any geographical area. But the company must have a presence. Employees will be able to work in more than a hundred nations.

The company conducted multiple studies addressing what staff anticipate from their office in the pandemic situation. As per Arthur Sadoun, CEO of Publicis Groupe, the firm realized to adopt this sort of open-endedness.

“We have realized that flexibility is a necessity. Because you have to adapt to this hybrid world, but adapting is not enough,” Sadoun said. “95% of our people are actually interested in leveraging remote work to experience it from another city or country.”

Sadoun and Carla Serrano, Publicis Groupe’s chief strategy officer and Publicis New York’s chief strategy officer, discussed this new effort’s reasoning and how it operates with all 85,000 Publicis employees.

This is how things will work

  • Using Marcel, employees can select a destination and review the destination’s health and safety rules. It is the company’s widely lauded AI staffing solution platform.
  • Employees will also be able to communicate with coworkers from that location, who’ll further provide knowledge on the country.
  • Find a place to stay with the help of ‘Home Swap Home’. It’s a function available only to Publicis employees that allows them to share and swap housing with their coworkers.
  • Receive real-time assistance from professionals for issues about travel, health restrictions, visas, and work permits by calling a special 24-hour contact centre.
  • Marcel will also issue COVID emergency notifications across the country, and if a medical issue arises, Publicis will assist with treatment costs.
  • Employees will share videos and photos of their new work environment.
  • Employees can join the Work Your World community, a network created for Publicis people.

“Our people have been incredibly resourceful despite the limitations of the pandemic. They deserve to work for a company as resourceful as they are. Work Your World can help every Publicis employee “work their world” in a bigger, better and brighter way thanks to our scale, diversity and Marcel”, said Carla Serrano, global CSO of Publicis Groupe.


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