How does ad verification help to avoid ad fraud?

How does ad verification help to avoid ad fraud?
How does ad verification help to avoid ad fraud?


The internet’s growing popularity and ease have made it a reliable and favoured medium for advertising and marketing initiatives. The advent of marketing technology or MarTech has made the internet strong yet vulnerable to ad fraud. Ad frauds have become extremely common recently.

What is ad fraud?

Ad fraud concerns gaining invalid traffic and falsely representing the products or brands, mostly for financial benefits. It drives visitors to the website linked with its marketing and increases ad views. However, it tarnishes the product’s and brand’s image in the long run.

According to a study conducted by an American IT security company, around 62% of the traffic on a website is bot-driven. While MarTech facilitates using software tools for marketing, bots are driven by the same technologies like data analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

While half of this traffic is contributed by authentic bots like Google Ads, the other half are bad bots that lead to advertisement fraud, which further causes financial losses.

How does ad verification prevent ad fraud?

This brings in the importance of ad verification to check ad fraud. Ad verification works when a real person in an actual geographic location and a brand-safe environment view the ad.

A good brand image is a result of reduced fraud and misguidance. Apart from looking for ad fraud, ad verification also helps the brand build that image and a reliable audience base.

Sometimes a piece of content is only available in some parts of the world, and it’s not available anywhere else. In such cases, some tools ensure that those ads are being blocked in restricted or unintended regions. The primary advantage is getting your target audience to click on the ads being displayed readily. At the same time, the marketing cost is reduced as it is being advertised within certain geographical boundaries.

Therefore, ad verification can save you and your brand from fraud and help ensure positive engagement, enabling you to gain your customers’ trust.


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