Procrastination can earn you 1 Lakh as Chief Excuse Officer at Cultbike.fit

Procrastination can earn you 1 Lakh as Chief Excuse Officer at Cultbike.fit
Procrastination can earn you 1 Lakh as Chief Excuse Officer at Cultbike.fit

How amazing would life be to get thin without exercising? How easy would life be to just relax and earn for relaxing? And how amazing it would be to become a “CEO” of procrastination. But, here, the meaning of CEO is different. Cultbike.fit defines ‘Chief Excuse Officer’ as an actual position in its witty campaign.

It’s evident that the target audience for the fitness industry is fitness freaks but look around the other way. Suppose, the fitness companies start targeting procrastinators who want to get fit but cannot go to the gym because of their laziness and awarding them for that. That way, the brands may do wonders. And that’s how Cultbike.fit is working. 

In its latest campaign, Cultbike.fit, a leading fitness bike company, addresses this demographic and offers them the opportunity to be the next “chief excuse officer”. Procrastinators hurt the fitness sector as a whole, but they make up the majority of the business’s target consumers. Many mainstream businesses have attempted, but missed, to help this group swoon with exercise.

The brand offers a notion of consumable and engaging health material that motivates the laggard inside you to join the fitness craze. According to Mohit Ahuja, marketing director of Cultbike.fit, the chief excuse officer campaign demonstrates Cultbike.fit’s intent in this way.

The idea behind Cultbike.fit campaign

Through this one-of-a-kind promotion, Cultbike.fit will award the position of Chief Excuse Officer to those who delay their fitness plans for later.  The campaign will kick off with a digital video starring famed stand-up comedian Atul Khatri. His job will give the responsibility of the Chief Excuse Officer to the next person who the public will choose.

The new chief excuse officer will receive Rs 1 lakh in prize money over three months. Cultbike.fit, which was recently bought by Cult.fit, aims to revolutionise the fitness industry’s environment by serving as a catalyst that encourages people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The primary goal is to eliminate bad habits and encourage people to live healthy lifestyles.


For individuals who like to exercise at home, Cultbike.fit intends to deliver a comfortable training experience to them. The Cultbike is an indoor cycling machine that allows people to work on their physic in the comfort of their own homes.

The campaign aims to teach and raise fitness awareness among the general public. Furthermore, to push individuals into exercising who don’t concentrate on their healthy living.

Participate only if you wish to cancel Mondays.  


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