Enjoy beautiful Christmas love story of Santa and Harry, with tears in eyes and joy in hearts

Enjoy beautiful Christmas love story of Santa and Harry, with tears in eyes and joy in hearts
Enjoy beautiful Christmas love story of Santa and Harry, with tears in eyes and joy in hearts

In Norway, homosexuality has been decriminalized for the past 50 years. To celebrate decriminalization, the Norwegian postal service decided to pull everybody’s heartstrings. The postal service went into the Christmas spirit by releasing a beautiful tale of gay Santa Claus this year.

This year, the marketer and its agency Pol appear to be on a journey to create sensations once more, with a wonderfully portrayed homosexual romantic narrative starring Saint Nicholas himself. The commercial, titled “When Harry Met Santa,” is made to mark Norway’s 50th anniversary of legalizing same-sex relationships.

The Posten ad depicts the growth of love between two men throughout a handful of Christmases. Harry, a forlorn Norwegian man with a lovely family, is one of them. Santa Claus is the other!

Every year, the two guys learn something more about one another. But there’s a catch: Santa can only come once a year. Harry ultimately writes a letter to the North Pole, declaring, “All I want for Christmas is you.” Harry’s Christmas wish comes fulfilled next year!

Santa enlists the help of Posten to deliver Christmas gifts, freeing him to devote more time to Harry. Finally, they kiss each other.

Sacarias Kiusalaas of B-Reel Films carefully directs the film, which has several bits of nuance and subtext. Maybe, the protagonist lost his prior lover, and his Christmas celebrations with his family feel sorrowful.

“It is so nice to see that we have created a new tradition at Posten, looking into Christmas institutions and folklore from different perspectives, with a grand Christmas ad every year,” said Monica Solberg, marketing director at Posten, in a statement. “And what better way to follow up last year’s angry Santa with pure love?”

Social media viral

Unsurprisingly, there have been some unfavourable reactions from various quarters.

However, the commercial has been gaining steam on social media with mostly favourable responses to its central idea of liberty to love and workplace inclusivity, with teary-eyed emoticons and sobbing memes following some tweets.

“This is our new favourite rom-com,” one Twitter user said.

Former US ambassador to Denmark Rufus Gifford, who is gay, was one among many who spoke out openly.

A reminder: Love is love. Everyone should have it. Be it you or Santa.


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