Facebook introduces ‘Campaign Ideas Generator’ tool to spur innovation in businesses’ marketing activities


If brands are having trouble coming up with ideas for their Facebook and Instagram campaigns, Facebook’s Campaign Ideas Generator mini-site can help. The Campaign Ideas Generator is a tool that generates campaign ideas, instant assets, and resources tailored to the needs of small businesses.

The tool’s goal is to enlighten the promotional approaches and tactics of the brands by providing them several recommendations, insights, templates and resources, particular to the businesses and their events. Suppose you are thinking about going with the standard approach of making original content, which is the best. In that case, the Campaign Ideas Generator can be extremely helpful to provide some beneficial pointers and heads-ups for promotional campaigns.

To begin, go to the Campaign Ideas Generator website and choose the business vertical as well as the promotional tactic.

There are just a few vertical options present for now:

Select the appropriate information, and then click ‘Get Campaign Ideas,’ and Facebook will present various points and notes in front of you.

The three suggestions on the listings are ‘Campaign Ideas,’ ‘Data and Insights,’ and ‘Resources.’

Campaign ideas give a handful of brief guidelines to get your creative juices flowing. At the same time, the Data & Insights page displays a variety of information points on the basis of selected criteria.

Finally, the Resources tab displays case studies and other information that will help you better understand your plan.

Facebook unveiled the ‘Organic mail package’ that features several mail templates which can be utilized for the brand’s Facebook page. The templates support maintaining the brand’s consistency in principles and approaches.

The tool is like a DIY, but better. Click here to check it out!


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