Google Site Rankings – How Google assesses your site quality?

Google Site Rankings - How Google assesses your site quality?
Google Site Rankings - How Google assesses your site quality?

Google will favour accurate, easy to navigate and fast to load websites with good website quality. If the site experience satisfies the users and they appreciate the loading time, it’s great. Because they will tell others about it, resulting in sales for you.

How does Google assess rank websites?

Google site rankings are determined by algorithms that comprehensively analyze ranking factors. The website which ranks first is the one that gets the best score when considering all ranking factors.

John Mueller recently answered why it is essential for Google to understand a website’s connection to the rest of the sites and web pages available on the internet.

Mueller begins his discussion by offering scenarios about a site that has gone down or is acting irregularly. He said they keep track of technical things by having a crawl-ability in our systems. They make sure that once they’ve crawled something, it stays there. So even when their website goes offline or suffers an outage, we have all the data on hand. And this way, they can render the right content to them at the right time.

Google’s more challenging problem revolves around evaluating the overall quality of a site. Especially how it fits into the rest of the internet.

He answered this by saying, I think it’s much harder for quality, in general, to be assessed as opposed to technical issues. After considering everything, evaluating the overall quality and relevance is not easy. So that’s something where I’d say compared to technical issues, it can take longer for websites in general to reach the level of quality we want.


Users are constantly changing, just like the seasons. Google is constantly changing its search algorithms. Because of this, you must ensure that you’re continually monitoring your site’s content and working on revamping it as much as possible so that users can continue to benefit from an online experience befitting a business owner such as yourself. Therefore, you must constantly search for ways to improve your website and the content posted on it – just as Google does with its site!


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