Chevrolet “Holiday Ride” will take you on emotional journey

Chevrolet "Holiday Ride" will take you on emotional journey
Chevrolet "Holiday Ride" will take you on emotional journey

Chevrolet debuted their 2021 Christmas TV ad “Holiday Ride” on Monday. It’s a tearjerking tale of a man in rural America changing an old aged Christmas garland on his wooden door with a fresh one.

Not everybody wants to be festive in their Christmas advertising. Some individuals yearn for a happy Holiday weep. “Holiday Ride” by Chevrolet is for individuals who want to cry and feel great about having a family.

The short film, produced by Commonwealth/McCann, features Academy Award-winning talent in command. Tom Hooper (“The King’s Speech”) directed Claudio Miranda (“Life of Pi”) shot, and Rachel Portman composed the soundtrack (“Emma”).

About the ad by Chevrolet

The commercial is based on actual events and is a real kick in the gut. It tells the narrative of a guy who walks by his old 1966 Chevy Impala every day. And every day, he recalls the nostalgic memories of his deceased wife. Portman’s melancholy guitar swells into yearning notes as the guy weepily recalls their happy moments together in complex flashback images.

This is where everything truly becomes emotional. The man’s daughter organises a clandestine operation to repair the historic automobile. She sought the help of the local mechanic, who quickly recognises the automobile’s value, and the car is restored to like-new condition.

The dad finds the Impala and tries not to cry as he cranks the engine and brings it around the house. The father and daughter then enjoy an emotional moment. They realise that this is the nicest Christmas present imaginable. “Thank you,” he says to her, “it’s the best Christmas gift I could ever have.” The moving conversation ends as they drive the gleaming car along a gravel road.


The following season will show this beautiful ad in smaller instalments on social media and broadcast television. As per Chevrolet’s YouTube page, the “Holiday Ride” advertisement has had over 492,283 views.


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