Swiggy uses Koko and Juno to promote its Swiggy One offering

Swiggy uses Koko and Juno to promote its Swiggy One offering
Swiggy uses Koko and Juno to promote its Swiggy One offering

Swiggy’s flagship offering may be the finest thing one can imagine. Swiggy One subscription provides you with free unlimited deliveries.

It also offers special discounts on the restaurant, Instamart, and Genie orders on Swiggy.

Showcasing the advantages of this offering in an exciting way can be difficult. Yet, Lowe Lintas cracked it. 

The first video follows the story of its owner through the eyes of a cat (Koko). The owner is always busy conducting errands until she gets her hands on the new offering. The clip depicts a cat’s perspective and how much ‘me time’ she got at home when the owner wasn’t at home.

The other video follows a similar plot to convey a dog’s (Juno) dissatisfaction with his owner’s constant absence from home and trips to the food shop. On the other hand, the dog is super happy that since joining Swiggy One, the owner never leaves the house. A human voiceover backs these.

Ashish Lingamneni, Swiggy’s Head said, “Through this campaign, the team at Lowe Lintas, have beautifully depicted how Swiggy ONE can bring convenience to the consumer’s doorstep, freeing their time for their loved ones, be it their family or beloved furry pets.”

Talking about the campaign, Sagar Kapoor, Chief Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas, said, “The product itself is so different and not like regular membership services. So, it wasn’t about price differentiation or services offered. Swiggy ONE is everything Swiggy be it Instamart, restaurants, Genie and anything else that comes from the Swiggy stable. So, while multiplicity was at the heart of the communication, the medium to communicate it was something we experimented on.”


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