Horlicks caters to diabetes market with new product launch

Horlicks caters to the diabetes market with new product launch
Horlicks caters to the diabetes market with new product launch

Horlicks recently unveiled Diabetes Plus, a beverage aimed at adults in India. The film, conceptualized by FCB India, advertises the product’s release.

India has long been vulnerable to the dangers of diabetes. After China, the country ranks second, with the disease’s occurrence expected to double over the next three decades. Diabetes remains a growing problem in India. With 7.3 percent of the population diabetic and another 10.3 percent prediabetic, nearly one in every two diabetics goes untreated.

About Diabetes Plus

The commercial depicts a diabetic patient asking the same question every diabetic person asks “does it have sugar in it?” Horlicks demands that this inquiry needs to change to ‘is there fibre in this?’. The reason for this is that diabetes individuals require a high-fibre diet to maintain their health.

Diabetes Plus is a high-fibre supplement (22 percent of dual blend fibre). It contains high protein content and 16 essential elements. Fibersol-2 and NUTRIOSE® are two of the ingredients. These fibres are rich in satiety increment and lower calorie consumption.

Every diabetic patient can relate

Krishnan Sundaram, vice president, nutrition, HUL, said, “We are launching Horlicks Diabetes Plus, a supplement specifically formulated for at risk and diabetic individuals.”

He added, “With our communication, we want to educate consumers about the importance of high fibre for diabetics and how Diabetes Plus, which has dual blend high fibre, fulfils 26% of your daily fibre requirement.”

Sumitra Sengupta, executive creative director, FCB India, said, “Our film opens with a middle-aged man worriedly asking about the sugar content of every food placed before him. But what starts out as being the correct thing to do suddenly appears inadequate in the light of the Doctor’s announcement that high fibre helps manage Diabetes. This creates a perfect opportunity to introduce Horlicks Diabetes Plus, which fulfils 26% of daily fibre needs. We hope it results in a change in nutritional behaviour too – of not just reducing sugar, but adding fibre too.”


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