How to get users for your app: FB & Insta ads in 2021

How to get users for your app?

You have invested a significant amount of your energy, time and money in building your mobile app. The question that comes next is “How to get users for your app?”

Why not leverage the benefits of Facebook and Instagram advertising instead of waiting for your app to get discovered organically? Especially in today’s world of heavy competition? You could run Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Audience Network ads, and Messenger ads with only a few clicks and reach your target audience on all of their favorite applications and websites with a single campaign. You can set up a video or image ad in a few simple steps.

App promotions on Facebook

Here’s why Facebook & Instagram Promotions can help you get users for you:

  1. Reach out to your target audience with Facebook’s terrific targeting features.
  2. Promote your app to customers once again and encourage downloads. In other words, retargeting.
  3. Allow your audience to try your app before they buy it. Use playable advertising to give people a quick, interactive taste of your app downloads.
  4. Instagram ads are 2x more clickable compared to Facebook ads. A well-developed ad can double your downloads in a day!
  5. Choose the right CTA. This can be an absolute game changer as it improves your ad performance and reduces expenses by 2.5 times.

How to get users for your app: Bonus tips for creatives and communication

  • Create highly visual ads that are eye-catching.
  • Unimpressive imagery is a big no-no!
  • Try to match your audience’s language with sounds that are more relatable.
  • Think about what your audience’s natural feed looks like and create ads that would look the most natural.
  • Engage in the comments and join the conversation!


Mobile apps are exceptionally powerful for every business and niche. They help you give more value to your audience while staying connected to them. Use appropriate aesthetics, text and CTA to get the attention of your target audience and see the results unfold. Also, retargeting through your campaigns based on the SDK tracking can help you engage with your recent app users who are more likely to download your app again or make in-app purchases.


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