Can Amazon Inc. expand beyond its current role as e-commerce platform?


Amazon Ads is initiating a campaign to pitch that Amazon is more than just an e-commerce platform for buying and selling things. It’s a lot more than that, and it’ll help brands. The tagline for the B2B marketing campaign is “Your brand. Their world.” Most importantly, Amazon is taking advantage of this opportunity to reap the benefits of one of the major promotional opportunities since making ‘The’ deal with the National Football League.

The campaign may have been shown in banner advertising on several websites. Code and Agency is the agency partnering with Amazon Ads in creating creatives on the internet and OOH, according to Carvajal, chief creative officer at Code and Theory. In a recent phone conversation, Carvajal noted, “Most people think Amazon is mostly ecommerce.” Amazon Ads, on the other hand, is for “brands like automobile and financial.”

Amazon is taking its advertising platform to the next level, and the campaign is like a cherry on the top for this step. It has not been revealed how much investment was made on the campaign, but it is likely to be a significant step after the NFL’s deal. In March 2021, the NFL announced a breakthrough deal giving Amazon Inc. the rights to Thursday football broadcasts. This is the first time a streaming service has done so. A billboard that has aired in Times Square portraying two people next to the TV, cradling a football, is one of the essential aspects of the Amazon Ads promotion. The identical image can be seen in a variety of web banner adverts.

Not only the NFL but Amazon Prime has also agreed to new streaming broadcast arrangements with the English Premier League and key tennis tournaments, which will begin in 2022. The company’s targeted market for ads will grow as a result of this.

Brands can also distribute their content on IMDb TV, Fire TV, Twitch, Prime Video, Alexa-enabled devices, and others. Across Fire TV and Twitch streaming advertising, over 120 million viewers have viewed them. Brent Buntin, Code and Theory chief marketing officer, said the Amazon Ads campaign was to “move them away from this perception of being a lower-funnel, e-commerce conversions solution.” It’s about “how do you build a global brand with Amazon Ads”, he added.

Amazon’s advertising business is also booming, with ad sales reaching $7.9 billion in the second quarter of this year, up 83 percent from the same time in 2020. Thousands of individuals visit Amazon every day to complete their shopping. However, if the campaign succeeds, and it will, then Amazon will provide a spectacular addition to the experiences that customers, sellers, and brands can enjoy.


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