‘Don’t be that guy’: Police Scotland campaign targets misogyny and male sexual privilege


To combat sexual assault, we must see a real cultural shift. Tearing down sexism and confronting male sexual privilege are the first steps. That Guy is a truly compelling campaign from Police Scotland that attempts to have open and honest dialogues regarding the problem with males.

As part of the campaign, a PSA video was made that invites men to think about how they have treated women over the years.

The video starts with “Ever called a girl ‘doll’?”

“Or whistled at her walking down the street? Ever stared at a woman on a bus or said to your mate, ‘I do that.'”

“You ever give a girl a compliment, like nice…?”

“And wondered why you didn’t get a thank you?

“Ever slid into a girl’s DMs and went ahead and just showed her it? You ever brought a lassie dinner and felt that meant she owed you something? You ever got her three shots in a row, hoping you’d get a shot of her? Then what…. bundled her, wasted, into a taxi, then took her back to yours? Ever guilt-tripped her or pressured her or pushed her into it then left feeling like a lad?”

The questioning gets even more forceful, culminating in one statement: “Sexual violence begins long before you think it does.”

The film shows how rape culture and sexual elitism exhibit themselves in men’s behaviour and actions, ranging from sending unsolicited dick pictures to wanting sex after drinking or dinner date to entrapping women into sleeping with them. It could be intentional or unintentionally, but rape culture is this.

That Guy urges men to think about their beliefs and actions and create a meaningful impact by introspecting their attitudes and actions at home, at work, and in social situations.

“Most men don’t look in the mirror and see a problem, but it’s staring us right in the face. Sexual violence starts long before you think it does. Don’t be that guy,” the video concludes.


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