How to incorporate music in advertising and drive sales?

Music in Advertisement

Music in advertising is not a new thing. Advertising across platforms is accompanied by music. But what has made this combination successful? Advertisements with music are more relatable & recognizable by consumers. Brands capitalize on this quality to make advertisements highly compelling. Music in advertising provide experience to consumers that builds loyal consumers and brand advocates. Music is the most relatable element in an ad that instantly clicks with consumers.

Studies suggest that music is scientifically related to memory. Music is reminiscence of childhood, evokes emotions. Advertisers incorporate these benefits for selling products. It transforms the way advertisements are showcased by adding emotions to messages that prompts action.

How does music in advertising influence your audience?

Ad music can have the following psychological effects on your audience:

Stirs up emotions

Music has the power to sway the emotions of people. While a cheerful piece of music pep your mood up, an emotional song can stir up your feelings. Therefore, when you use audio ads in your marketing strategies, it helps you connect with the audience easily.

Makes stories effective

Using music in advertising shouldn’t be limited to only jingles and audio ads. You can use it to make your stories more effective. It is just like how a background score makes a horror movie more terrifying. Similarly, choosing the right music track for the storyline is essential.

Ignites Action

The purpose of your advertisements is to ultimately cause people to take necessary action. It could be watching your content, visiting your website, or buying your product after watching the advertisement. It is observed that when people connect with your brand emotionally, they tend to buy more. This can be true even for ad music campaigns.

For example, on completing 10 years of service, create an audio advert thanking the customers and their participation in your success. Selecting the right music piece for this advert may impress your existing customers and they might be compelled to buy your products right away!

Fortifies the sales campaign

As a digital marketer, you should be aware of the factors that influence sales. You cannot include slow music in your advertisements and expect the younger audience to relate to it. A commercial of electronic items like smartphones can include techno sound to pep-up the younger customers. The right kind of music also helps in branding and fortifies the sales campaigns of your brand.

How to incorporate music in advertisements & drive sales?

Advertisements don’t have to be always hard-hitting. They can also convey messages subtly by stimulating the subconscious minds of the users. Adding informative and useful videos increases the conversion rate by 100%.

According to a study by the Association for Consumer Research music can increase ad recall, enhances mood, and consumers are more likely to purchase.

Brands are using interactive advertising as a marketing technique. It prompts consumer participation and promote engagement. Popularity in digital advertising and social media have led to rise in interactive ads. Brands can connect with agencies that provide customized brand music from different artists.

Some music agencies offer solutions for all musical needs by a brand. They weave unique customized music in the content. Brands can approach such agencies which does synchronization that uses existing music. This let brands customize music according to preferred genres, moods etc. Agencies bring in diversity and flexibility to brands that leverage their networking to add audio perfection to their video.

“The approximate size of the Indian advertising industry is Rs. 75k crore. These industries heavily rely on music and exactly here comes the role of these agencies that give music composers opportunities to sync their original track to great content”, said Harsh Tokas, who owns an agency that provides music to brands. Agencies like Dibbl.in connect artists with brands to produce ad music.


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