Meta ad Campaigns to become objective oriented!


Meta ad will be re-aligned as per the primary objectives. Meta has announced, the ads Manager feature would be redesigned, where users select the ‘objective’ while designing new campaigns. The new design will be called ODAX (Outcome-driven ad Experiences) model. It means that advertisers will have the opportunity to choose the business outcomes. The objectives or outcomes of the Meta ad campaign will include:

  • Traffic 
  • Engagement
  • Leads
  • App Promotion
  • Sales
  • Awareness 

What Meta ad campaign’s new model is all about

The new interface will support meta ad campaign’s objectives that will assist the advertisers in optimizing the campaign creation process. Meta ad campaign’s new process will help them to achieve the objectives by providing customized options while designing ads. The ODAX model will be especially beneficial for beginners who can refine the tools and settings to get the best possible results that help them achieve their objectives. 

Initially, the objectives were 11 to be precise. These objectives have been reduced to 6 to align them better with the lingo used in the advertisement industry. For example, messages, engagement, conversions, and video views will be merged into the ‘engagement’ category. Similarly, brand awareness, reach, and video views will be integrated into ‘awareness’. Lead generation, messages, and conversions will be merged into ‘leads’. Sales will be the combined result of conversions, catalogues, and store traffic. App installs will be renamed into App promotion, whereas the only objective to remain is ‘Traffic’. 

Get ready to customize your social media ads

Meta ad campaign’s overhaul will affect the way you customize your Instagram and Facebook ads. Eventually, it will streamline the process with a more straightforward system that perfectly aligns your campaigns to their objects. However, it could also mean that advertisers need to understand the broader segment of their objective. Though these new changes will be implemented soon, and once they are launched, their impact on the advertisement industry can  be evaluated. Therefore, as an advertiser or marketer, you should wait till these updates are implemented. Till then, you can focus on what you have been doing, i.e. creating impactful ads!


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