LinkedIn #FindTheBalance campaign uncovers work-life balance concerns amid pandemic

LinkedIn #FindTheBalance campaign uncovers work-life balance concerns amid pandemic
LinkedIn #FindTheBalance campaign uncovers work-life balance concerns amid pandemic

LinkedIn has teamed up with The Glitch to introduce phase II of the #FindTheBalance campaign. It encourages people to have forthright discussions about the practicalities of working from home and work/life balance amid the pandemic.

The three films by LinkedIn emphasise the significance of well-being in today’s distant hustle society. It urges workers to take a break and achieve the correct work-life equilibrium in the working place.

About #FindTheBalance films

The three films look more closely at the characters’ lives presented in the first #FindTheBalance film. They feature three 35-second films depicting the lifestyles of workers Vedika, Andrew, and Gaurav. Here, these three try to resolve their work-from-home issues.

The campaign seeks to motivate professionals to see a better standpoint and look beyond their professional careers. They need to accept their individual identities and reunite with their dear ones, coworkers, and friends by taking a simple break.

The films are live on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Today’s professional struggle with exhaustion – let’s change that

According to Sivaram Parameswaran, Head of Brand Marketing, the Asia Pacific at LinkedIn, professionals in today’s India struggle from weariness. According to LinkedIn’s Future of Work research, today’s professionals value work-life balance (52 percent). This is even more than job stability which stands at 50 percent.

By uplifting classic truisms, the campaign intends to assist professionals in creating a better lifestyle. Without any regret, professionals should create solid work/life limits that enable relaxation and recovery.

“As the world of work continues to evolve, we are committed to fostering a sense of community for our members to connect, spark conversations, share ideas, and encourage each other to build flexible schedules and a well-rounded lifestyle.” He added.

“What I love about this campaign is the mirror it holds up to our lives. In the last 1.5 years, working from home gave us so many new perspectives,” said Lucille Pereira, Creative Director at The Glitch.

“It taught us to bond deeply with our family, giving us the advantage of having all meals with them, as opposed to a ‘rushed’ breakfast, and a ‘tired’ dinner. It showed us how to make time for family, or carve out time for self, whether it’s doing things we love or just a quiet coffee & sunset session. Whatever it means to you, however, you do it, this campaign is a beautiful reminder to #FindTheBalance.”


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