Coca-Cola celebrates togetherness and ‘Real magic’ in latest Christmas campaign

Coca-Cola celebrates togetherness and 'Real magic' in latest Christmas campaign
Coca-Cola celebrates togetherness and 'Real magic' in latest Christmas campaign

Coca-Cola announced its new worldwide Christmas campaign. It includes a cheerful TV advertisement, the comeback of its Holiday Caravan, and bespoke digital messages from Santa Claus. Coke hopes that its festive spirits will help improve sales and its new ‘Real Magic‘ brand campaign.

Coca-Cola unveiled its new Christmas campaign as part of the continuing global marketing platform, ‘Real Magic.’ The Christmas ad emphasizes affection, a return of the Coca-Cola Holiday Caravan – halted last year because of the virus. And also, new virtual Santa appearances are all part of the campaign. It is conceptualized by DentsuMB.

The magical film

Coke is expecting that ‘Chimney,’ a new film made in collaboration with DentsuMB UK, will follow Christmas classics’ footsteps. It’s a beautiful story of a boy who rallies a bunch of close neighbours in and around his apartment. He builds a handmade ‘chimney’ out of cartons to greet Santa. Obviously, the red boxes are Coca-Cola boxes.

On a Christmas morning, residents receive crimson-wrapped gifts with a gold ribbon, carrying an invite to a celebration. The young kid sits close to an older woman in a chaotic scene. The scene shows how the neighbours gather together to celebrate a holiday meal in the film’s concluding scenes. While the boy’s mother lays a delicious looking turkey in the middle of the table, guests chuckle and drink Coca-Cola from glass jars. “The holidays are magic when we share them,” reads a phrase on the ad.

The Coca-Cola Company’s global CMO, Manolo Arroyo, indicated that this is the brand’s debut Christmas campaign for the new Real Magic brand philosophy. “Coca-Cola has always believed in the magic of Christmas, and this year, our campaign celebrates the real magic of human connections. With a simple and uplifting message of unity, inclusion and positivity at its heart, it aims to remind us that all we need for a magical Christmas is shared moments with the community and the ones we love,” he added.

Why is Coca-Cola betting on the festive campaign?

In September, Coca-Cola introduced its new global marketing philosophy and platform, Real Magic. It welcomes all to appreciate humankind’s true miracles. This is Coca-first Cola’s new global brand platform since 2016, and it is entirely distinctive. The “Hug” logo raises the curving Coca-Cola symbol on the bottle, influenced by its appearance on Coca-famous Cola’s packaging. It is labelled to offer a graphic trademark that embraces and frames incredible times throughout Coca-Cola’s messaging.

The campaign seeks to expand Coca-Cola’s influence through its new ‘Real Magic‘ brand platform, with a commercial aimed at the modern generation. However, it faced a lot of backlash from the gaming community. Coke is trying to ramp up its marketing efforts after announcing WPP as its new Global Marketing Network Partner in a $4 billion arrangement. Its traditionally popular holiday efforts can continue to accouche and boost the brand’s outstanding third-quarter performance.


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