Bacardi beats winter blues with Caribbean twist in ‘Winter Summerland’

Bacardi beats winter blues with Caribbean twist in ‘Winter Summerland’
Bacardi beats winter blues with Caribbean twist in ‘Winter Summerland’

The holiday season is already underway, and Bacardi understands people’s need for leisure and pleasure. With three great new holiday releases, the legendary rum label is infusing tropical charm to the winter.

Bacardi is asking consumers to go in a Festive mood. But with a dramatic mash-up that blends the balmy island sensations of the Caribbean with the freezing North Pole. Interesting, right? Bacardi is launching a new campaign called “Winter Summerland” that will run from now until January.

In a series of three commercial scenarios, the Christmas campaign unites both climate opposites. It transports viewers to magical settings of melting snow and great rum to enjoy a ‘holiday from the holidays’.

Bacardi will launch a limited-edition capsule collection in collaboration with Aviator Nation. It will also revive the season’s favourite primed spirit, Bacardi Coquito Coconut Cream Liqueur.

Transport from winters to summers with Bacardi

The barman/DJ main character pedals a cocktail wagon through a cold, snowy terrain. The cycle cranks out booming sounds and converts the snow-draped landscapes into an exotic beach party as he travels in every 15-second spot.

The video shows the bicycle crossing a rugged snowy coastline flanked by igloos in ‘Ice Domes,’ just for pedalling to break the ice off and uncover holidaymakers partying under vibrant beach umbrellas.

With ‘Trees,’ the bartender is shown pedalling his stereo system through a forest of snow-covered pine trees for the booming waves to knock the snow away, revealing a palm grove that supports people relaxing in slings while sipping Bacardi.

In ‘Chalet,’ the barman visits a chilly ski chalet, just for the ‘Sound of Rum’ to blow free a fresh snowstorm, revealing a beachside cottage full of party-goers.

Bacardi’s goal this holiday season

Bacardi Rum’s global senior vice-president, Ned Duggan, commented, “Following this past year, Bacardi knew this was the perfect moment to unveil something a bit unexpected. A holiday campaign to close out 2021 with a snowy yet delightfully cheerful and sunny, ‘Winter Summerland.’

Conceptualized by BBDO New York, this new campaign aims to inject a serendipity spirit into the winter holidays. It wants to redefine how people perceive holidays. Bacardi hopes to bring joy and encourage people to share rum with their friends and family this holiday season.

The campaign will live on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Pandora, Soundcloud, iHeart Radio, and national television until January.


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