McDonald’s touching Christmas ad will make everyone’s heart cry and smile

McDonald’s touching Christmas ad will make everyone's heart cry and smile
McDonald’s touching Christmas ad will make everyone's heart cry and smile

In a sweet Christmas campaign called “Reindeer Ready,” McDonald’s reminds Matilda of her long-lost imaginary friend Iggy. With weeping eyes and a beautiful smile, read the post and watch the video.

‘Tis the season of enchantment in the air. Christmas is none other than a fairy sparking magic charm on the earth. So, it’s okay if kids start seeing magical fairies or make imaginary friends. McDonald’s festive campaign “Reindeer Ready” unveiled this concept beautifully, and of course, it is teary.

The story revolves around a girl and her imaginary friend. Matilda, whose best and beloved friend is a monster plush toy, Iggy. She connected with him over Christmas as they fed (waited to feed) carrots to Santa’s reindeer. These little carrots are nothing but McDonald’s branded holiday “Reindeer Treats. McDonald’s Christmas “Reindeer Treats” are these tiny carrots.

Likewise, Iggy inspires Matilda to put on a holiday performance for her family. Her imaginary companion slips away as she reaches adulthood. But one fine day, she looks at a little boy tossing carrots to his imaginary friend. And suddenly, Matilda remembers Iggy. She finds him lurking in her wardrobe, and the film concludes with her laying out carrots for the family once more.

The spot tugs at your heartstring. The credit goes to the performances and a perfect music track, Mabel’s version of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.” Bert and Bertie of Object and Animal are the directors.

Leo Burnett designed this immersive experience for families to witness the moment when a reindeer, possibly Rudolph, enters their house. This will give the opportunity to the parents to record the time when he eats their kids’ “Reindeer Treats”.

“We’re lucky in this industry to be encouraged to be childlike and live in our imaginations,” said Chaka Sobhani, global chief creative officer, Leo Burnett, in a statement. “But for most people, as we grow up, the pressures of life can mean we often forget how to remember those things that made us dream and believe. Luckily, small but meaningful rituals—like leaving carrot sticks out for the reindeer—can sometimes be all it takes to reignite that festive belief.”


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