Conversational Marketing: Convert faster by talking to your customers

Conversational Marketing: Convert faster by talking to your customers
Conversational Marketing: Convert faster by talking to your customers

Conversational marketing provides a means to communicate with your customers effectively. This marketing concept is based on AI technology to connect to the customers via voice assistants, chat, chatbots etc. Such channels of communication can be established on social media platforms, ads, websites or even physically. 

While this may sound more like sales than marketing, it fundamentally involves talking to people and more effective interaction. In any form of marketing, conversing and engagement plays a crucial part. With conversational marketing support, you can achieve both aspects with utmost ease. 

To get the best out of conversational marketing, you might need to implement conversational interfaces in your websites, ads, e-commerce to convey your message clearly to bring effective change to the funnel. 

Conversational Marketing: Convert faster by talking to your customers

Convert faster by talking to your customers

Conversational marketing for ads

Conversational marketing for ads can work for all the domains so that your format passes on to millions of websites. Like click-to-messenger ads on Facebook, the conversational display ads present the viewers with news feeds to divert users to their interface or messenger. Once on the interface, the brands can ask the customers about the ad to interact with them. The aim is to know more about customer expectations to drive conversions. 

Conversational marketing in eCommerce

In eCommerce, conversational marketing comes in various formats. However, the main ones remain virtual product advisors and live chat only. With such interfaces, the customer decisions can be made fun, friendly and informative while guiding them on product recommendations. 

Starting with Conversational Marketing

The whole idea behind conversational marketing is to offer a personalized experience to the customers. If you take help from chatbots for conversational marketing, it will help save on money and time-related resources. Chatbots can automatically reverberate to 80% of daily queries, which prevents the customer service executive’s mailbox from flooding. Besides, other conversational marketing tools like video chat, live chat, messenger apps, interactive ads also empowers the brand to elevate sales and conversion rate.

To begin with, let’s have a look at the conversational marketing strategies of which you must be aware. 


You must be able to personalize your conversational marketing tools to compliment the voice and message of your brand. Doing so will provide a better idea about your products and services to the customers, increasing profit and sales. 


Your website visitors must get engaged rightly and timely. When we say this, we mean that if you can immediately begin conversing with the potential customers visiting your website, it will boost opportunities while offering personal assistance and a better conversion rate. 


It’s essential to understand your customer’s needs based on the web behaviour. This practice works best to qualify leads when the brand or business responds within a couple of minutes of contact established from the customer side. The longer the waiting time, the lower the conversion rate.


A customer may be searching for a clear solution to his problems. Problems that you can solve. You should be the one who suggests the best options for them. It adds more to the customer journey with your brand.

Conversational marketing trends

The best trends to convert your leads and retargeting are:

Chatbots for sales amplification

Chatbots are essential to prevent your leads from slipping out of your hands. With chatbots, you can qualify leads when there is a high possibility of them being converted. The best part is that these bots can be simplified, customized and gamified. For example, Giosg is a chatbot game that offers its customers a no-code design space. Another bot, i.e. the Picture it, lets viewers go to their website from the corner of the screen to expedite the sales funnel faster. 

Send custom made chatbot messages

You cannot miss out on where your prospect is on your website. With personalized chatbots, you can add personal value to the user interaction without feeling they are interacting with a machine or system. 

For example, based on the customer journey, a chatbot can ask about their concern about a specific product or service to seamlessly get through the buying process. 

Voice calls and video chat

Customer interaction can be more fruitful if you can quickly call your customer between a chat on your website. It can be cumbersome to guess and keep clarifying the issue. Therefore, if you can switch to a video chat or a voice call, things can be practical, realistic and efficient without any pressure.


 Conversational marketing is an excellent approach to converting leads. The merits of conversational marketing are many. It can also be easily implemented to provide your customers with endless support and smooth navigation flow on your website. 


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