Mother Dairy pushes consumers to limit their use of plastic in latest campaign ‘Swachhta Grah’


On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti 2021, Mother Dairy has released a digital film encouraging customers to decrease their usage of plastic as much as they can in their regular lifestyle. The film #Swachhtagrah emphasizes how we have unwittingly ingrained the utilization of plastic in our daily lives.

The digital film stars Tisca Chopra as the spokesperson for the campaign, quietly urging the audience to make intelligent choices one at a time.

The video starts with Chopra getting ready in the morning to proceed with her daily routine. The film brilliantly portrays how, without our knowledge, we are enveloped with plastics and still not being able to realize the consequences.

Manish Bandlish, managing director, Mother Dairy fruit and vegetable, said, “In today’s world, plastic has become one of the prime concerns due to its negative impact on planet earth. It would be untrue to say that we can completely eliminate the use of plastic, however, as a responsible citizen, we can look at different avenues where the usage of plastic can be reduced or restricted. Through this film, we intend to encourage our consumers to make an informed and conscious decision.” “We urge our patrons and consumers to be mindful of their day-to-day plastic use by opting for alternatives with no or minimal plastic use,” she added.


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