Twitter’s Professional Profiles: A portal to professional tools for social media presence


Twitter is launching a brand identity platform this week. Twitter expects that by introducing Professional Accounts, users will grow and develop their Twitter profiles. Twitter has been testing and improving professional features over the past year with Professional Profiles. It has now built a single major experience for them to obtain early access to the capabilities the platform is creating expressly for their needs.

Professional Accounts give you access to a wide range of professional tools that are no longer required for non-trained pros, like Twitter Ads, Quick Promote, Advanced Profile, and our future shopping efforts.

Professional Profiles are how you seem on Twitter when you have a Professional Account. These profiles will allow qualified professionals to have an exact and distinct presence on the microblogging app for the necessary period, allowing them to break free from the general users.

Twitter Professional Profiles have these features – the professional profile is displayed in the professional category, indicating the professional they are. This information is gathered while a professional switches to a Professional Account, and it may or may not be up to date at any given time. Profile modules are those areas of a professional’s profile that highlight what matters to them the most.

With the About Module, Professional Profiles was obtained for the first time in April 2021. Additional modules, such as the Newsletter module, which was created in collaboration with Twitter’s recently acquired e-bulletin service, Revue, and the Shop module, which was part of our developing efforts around Twitter Shopping, were delivered after that.

Twitter has recently accelerated access to the About Module for all experts in the United States.

A part of the features and tools offered to Professional Accounts are thought to be the simplest to obtain in specific markets by a small group of people.

Twitter is based on making those features available to everyone. When customers sign up for Professional Accounts, they will be able to view what hardware is currently available.


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