Netflix stops Money Heist fans from giving spoilers by captivating them on 5-hour flight


To prevent Money Heist fans from giving spoilers about the new season, Netflix has assembled super fans in its lead show. I mean, come on, some of us haven’t watched it yet!

Money Heist, one of Netflix’s most awaited series, will return in the not-too-distant future with its last season. As with many well-known Netflix recommendations, a substantial number of individuals become aware of the ending as soon as the show airs, regardless of whether they have seen the scene or not.

The inevitable online chatter and spoilers that accompany the premiere were previously thought to be inescapable. In any event, catching super fans on a five-hour premiere journey has tried an incredibly inventive technique to smash this.

As per the studies, around 12.5 percent of internet discussions about a single show are spoilers, with maximum activity occurring during the first hours after the show’s premiere. The guests were under the impression that they were travelling to Madrid to participate in a different Money Heist video, but they were clueless that the event would occur on the plane only with their phones switched off for some hours.

For the duration of these five hours, super fans were busy flying to 40,000 feet on a round trip flight from Madrid, while the public enjoyed the first episode of Money Heist, sans spoiler.



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