Netflix stunt unleashes demon figure on a huge interactive billboard, turns horror into reality


Netflix has launched an ingenious feat that revitalises horror. As strangers pass by, a demon spirit frightens them via an interactive billboard, as if there was a shadow behind them. A predictable leap shock disturbs people in plain daylight, just when they begin to think they are safe.

The ploy, developed in partnership with Publicis Italy, creates excitement for the debut of “A Classic Horror Story,” an Italian horror film about a group of strangers who go trapped in the woods and come face to face with their biggest nightmare. The beauty of the external environment creates curiosity for the frightful horror/suspense movie. As a result, the idea for making turning the horror into reality.

Netflix said in a statement: “The good thing about watching a horror movie is knowing it is just a film, but what happens if fear becomes reality?” Netflix dazzles strangers by cultivating an incredibly interactive experience, forcing them to confront their fears.


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