Hope Tape: South Korea introduces ‘a ray of hope’ to remind people about missing children


More than 660 children in South Korea have been reported missing for more than a year, with 638 of them missing for up to five years. Hope tape was made to assist the public in having hope to remember the kids and find them.

The Korean National Police Agency and Cheil Worldwide collaborated to create symbolism of kids using AI technology, indicating how such kids may appear now, a long time after they were last seen.

This symbolism is then placed onto bundle tape and their primary information, along with a QR code. The tape was then made available through the Korean Postal Service, implying that everyone owning a package to send should undoubtedly use this tape to pack their items.

More than 630,000 packages have been delivered throughout the country with the messages in less than a month, with 100,000 flyers.

“We ask for the urgent attention and cooperation of citizens and communities around the country to help give hope and encouragement to families of children who have gone missing,” the KNPA said in a statement. “By organizing the Hope Tape campaign, we seek to draw attention to this terribly sad situation.”

Many parents remain hopeful that their kids will be found someday. As a significant issue, the topic of missing children is gaining national attention.


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