OnePlus got Shahid Kapoor fade into fantasy world, but Mira gave him reality check


OnePlus, a global technology company has revealed that Bollywood star couple Shahid and Mira Kapoor will serve as brand ambassadors for the OnePlus TV product line. In addition to the news, the company has released a film featuring the couple.

The collaboration began with a lighthearted trailer that provided us with a sneak peek into the latest campaign. The film, created by BBH India, attempts to demonstrate the smart TV’s ease of use and flawless operation. Mira Kapoor is shown handing her husband a set of commands that he faithfully obeys, something Mira believes is a wise decision.

OnePlus didn’t disclose anything, and this has left viewers intrigued and perplexed.

A few days after the teaser, OnePlus India releases a humorous full-length promo film that explains the marketing ploy.

Mira sits on the couch with popcorn to watch a film at the beginning of the video. As soon as Mira start the movie on the OnePlus TV U1S using a simple voice command, Shahid slips into a world where anything can happen by just commanding words. He fantasises about a world where his voice command can make anything happen, but Mira brings him back to reality through humour when she denies switching to the sports channel on his command.

The amusing commercial concludes by emphasising the OnePlus TV U1S, ingenious and novel hands-free SpeakNow feature, which listens to every command provided by the user.

The plot uses the connection between Shahid and Mira to incorporate OnePlus TV’s voice command feature smoothly. That’s the first time the celebrity couple has appeared in an advertisement together. The viewers can relate to the two’s amusing interplay, keeping them involved until the end of the ad.

The world has become genuinely advanced as brands constantly develop newer and better technologies, which is one step towards a fully hand-free tomorrow.



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