Stayfree stages impromptu audition for daughter’s day campaign to help fathers & daughters talk about periods


Stayfree has released a campaign in honour of Daughter’s Day, encouraging fathers to engage in a period’s conversation with their daughters. It expands on Stayfree’s 2020 ad campaign, “It’s Just a Period.” This video, produced by DDB Mudra, highlights fathers’ awkwardness when discussing feminine concerns with their girls, such as periods.

The film shows how Stayfree called for auditions for a Daughter’s Day ad without letting the people who tried out know it had turned into a Stayfree commercial. As they progressed with their topic, the fathers began to stutter on the point of periods. Nonetheless, they were given more comfort with each take and didn’t see the need for the script, so it was more of a conversational exchange than a tryout.

Manoj Gadgil, vice president, marketing, Johnson & Johnson consumer division, India, said, “Stayfree has always stood for enabling a healthy relationship between a girl and her periods – be it through our products or thought-provoking campaigns. Normalising period conversations is core to what Stayfree stands for, and through our new Daughter’s Day campaign, we encourage parents and fathers, in particular, to let go of the awkwardness and have a conversation with their daughters on menstrual periods, one frank chat at a time.”

We can talk about periods with our moms, but it isn’t easy to talk these things out with our dads. ‘The talk’ between fathers and daughters is more complicated than it sounds. However, Stayfree adopted a more creative and emotional way to approach this issue. Stayfree didn’t persuade anyone; instead, they put the dad and daughter in a situation where every word came out naturally.


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