The New York Times lauds journalists for dedicating their lives to uncover truth in latest campaign


The New York Times and Droga5 have unveiled “The Truth Takes a Journalist,” a new advertising campaign honouring the 1,700+ Times journalists who have pledged their life to change people’s perspectives of the field via their reporting.

Journalists in Afghanistan are being persecuted under the Taliban, which has brought the dangers of the work back into the forefront. True, the new commercial features film from that region and footage from various spheres and all parts of the globe.

The commercial includes personal sound clips from the journalists and the ever-evolving phrase “By,” which honours every New York Times byline, irrespective of the subject.

Source: New York Times

In New York City’s subway stations, the campaign includes television and streaming, sound spots, virtual billboards, and digital, online video, social media, and print. The campaign has resulted in a surge in demand for TikTok, a vital app for The Times, as well as first-person, on-the-ground photos shot on Times reporters’ phones.

Amy Weisenbach, senior vice president and head of marketing for The New York Times Company, said: “This campaign celebrates the journalists who create the stories that help our readers understand the world. The focus on the word ‘By’ personalizes who is behind the bylines readers see in The Times every day. These journalists are real people with passion for what they do, and they play a critical role in the pursuit of truth.”

As part of the promotion campaign, more than 30 Times journalists are recognized, including columnists, video newshounds, editors, opinion specialists, department heads, photojournalists, graphics directors, and others.


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