Montage, Re-share Sticker, Favourite Listing, and slew of more Instagram updates are on the way


Instagram is rolling out pretty creative features to keep the app popular among the netizens. The social media giant is constantly motivating the users to use reels as much as possible in order to move ahead of its rival, TikTok. Instagram has introduced a “Montage” option for people to turn their stories into reels, a “Favourite” listing to prioritize accounts in users’ feed, and a “Re-share sticker” to stop re-sharing posts from feed to stories. Undoubtedly, there is no end to the creativity on Instagram. Instagram is keen to take social media engagement to the next level by unfolding these major changes. Let’s check them out.

The recent update ‘Montage’ feature allows users to transform their Instagram Stories frames into short Reels video snippets which are presently being evaluated from within. The frames of the stories are shown in order. From there, a user can create a video by automatically mixing elements from each frame. Finally, Instagram will recommend appropriate audio for the Reel along with transitions.

Users may now use the ‘Re-Share’ sticker to share feed posts to Stories in a more brilliant way. Instagram has utterly disabled feed post-re-sharing to Stories, citing the fact that while users may want to re-share their feed posts to Stories, their viewers do not want to watch.

The new ‘Favorites’ audience selection tool, similar to Facebook Favorites, allows users to choose selected profiles whose posts are prioritized in their feed. Depending on your previous interactions, Instagram’s algorithms must already recognize which accounts you like.

Instagram recognizes that Reels usage is increasing every day, but it still lags behind TikTok, a short-form video platform. TikTok is very popular among the younger population, which may jeopardize Instagram’s future. As a result, Instagram is constantly coming up with new features to keep its users interested.


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