Lil Nas X and Sir Elton John for Uber Eats’ latest campaign


Uber Eats released its latest ad campaign, ‘This Tonight I’ll Be Eating,’ which featured Sir Elton John and Lil Nas X. This promotional effort will be one of the most enjoyable of the current year, as their personas challenge each other in zing.

The ad campaign was put together with the help of Special Group US, and it showed the two melodic celebs switching outfits, ordering Uber Eats, and teasing each other for their distinctive fixing choices.

From Sir Elton asking if Lil Nas X has any additional substitutes to the couple swapping dresses to a fair arrangement comic impact, the promoting effort produces a blend of fascinating pictures. Elton is dressed in one of Lil Nas X’s pink cowboy jackets and hats from the ‘Old Town Road’ era, which he wore to the Grammys, and Lil Nas X is dressed in one of Elton’s most crazily feathered costumes from the ‘Rocketman’ film.

“This is a very exciting edition of the ‘Tonight I’ll Be Eating’ campaign”, commented George Jeffreys, the head of marketing for Uber Eats US and Canada. He wrote on posit, “Not only…the first time we’re highlighting Uber Eats’ grocery, alcohol and convenience offerings, but we have Sir Elton John and Lil Nas X starring – two trailblazing artists that have made the world think differently about culture and creativity.”

The promoting effort is the most up-to-date inside the celebrity concoction given with the help of Uber Eats, and it is certain to dazzle.


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