Try Glance ad formats to boost your brand image

Try Glance ad formats to boost your brand image
Try Glance ad formats to boost your brand image

In today’s competitive digital landscape, it’s important to stand out at all costs. But, if you can’t get the attention you need and deserve, why bother?

With Glance, you’ll avoid wasting money on enticing formats that aren’t going to make it. Like those promoted posts which only 0.6% of Facebook users have ever clicked on!

What is Glance?

Glance’s primary function is to allow an Android phone’s lock screen to display content from pre-installed apps on the phone. Glance is a media content platform that presents engaging and immersive digital videos of Lock Screen Commercials. It is full of breathtaking imagery, full-screen ads, and other eye-catching visuals.

Glance, which InMobi owns, changed the way people interact with their Android-based smartphones. It made mobile advertising more interactive and relevant to the consumer stage. This method has helped Glance establish itself as the first interface that many users interact with daily.

Whether you’re a film buff, cricket fanatic, backpacker, or fitness freak, there are content genres for every interest. 

Glance is full of entertaining visual and video content that anybody may enjoy. It focuses on being approachable and helpful. Moreover, it offers important information about how teams may promote healthy habits in a fun way.

How can Glance be helpful for your brand?

The campaign’s ambassadors list are carefully selected from different sports and theatre people. This appeals to customers who want a product that delivers good quality at an affordable price. Their characters represent what they are like in real life, helping customers feel even closer to the brand, creating more trust with potential buyers. The ad campaign gave the needed product to most of the market, using print media, internet advertising platforms, and social media channels.

An entrepreneur can cut through all the noise and stand out from the competition by obtaining a competitive advantage. Small businesses are constantly trying to find new ways to get the word out about what they have. Using Glance can help small businesses reach their users engagingly and stylishly, keeping the costs down as well.


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