Christmas Ads 2021: Ads that touched our hearts

Christmas Ads 2021: Ads that touched our hearts
Christmas Ads 2021: Ads that touched our hearts

Christmas 2021 commercials that won our hearts 

Take a look at these eye-catching Christmas advertisements from all around the world.


The campaign is part of the ongoing global marketing platform ‘Real Magic.’ DentsuMB UK created the advertisement “Chimney,” which depicts the tale of a boy who collects all of his neighbours. They sit together and take in the festivities. This year’s advertising celebrates the genuine miracle of human connections.


McDonald’s reminds Matilda of her long-lost imaginary friend Iggy in a charming Christmas campaign dubbed “Reindeer Ready.” We give up things we had as children as we grow older. The campaign’s idea is built upon this. Life’s difficulties might be stressful, but McDonald’s reminded us of what made us dream and believe.


To simultaneously celebrate the decriminalization of homosexuality and Christmas, the Norwegian postal service decided to throw in a tear-jerking campaign. The campaign shows how a man, who lost his lover, meets Santa. They both wait every year to see each other. Harry declares his love for Santa by sending a letter to the North Pole “All I want for Christmas is you”. His wish comes true! Finally, they kiss each other and celebrate Christmas together. 


Nykaa’s #BetheSanta campaign seeks to get people in the holiday mood. Five friends who have always celebrated Christmas together as a tradition cannot do so this year. This is because two of my friends are now parents with many obligations. However, the other friends use their creativity to break into their friends’ flat and decorate it. They enjoy Christmas together, thanks to Nykaa Fashion.


Swiggy Genie unveiled the ad #SantaOpenToWork, which features Santa Claus, who decides to leave his gift-delivery responsibilities to pursue another job. The short, created by Dentsu Webchutney, intends to show how people may outsource all of their delivery chores to Swiggy Genie this holiday season. In the clip, Santa describes his talents in a video CV to persuade employers to hire him. Because the Santa in the film is embarking on a new job, he delegated his gift-delivery duties to Swiggy Genie for Christmas.


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