Vanish’s campaign for clothing sustainability sends a strong message: Clothes Live Longer with Vanish


Reckitt brand Vanish urges people to avoid wastage by repurposing their old clothes, as sustainable fashion persists in altering the clothing market.

The new campaign from Vanish, created by Havas London, is centred on a successful concept with remarkable attraction – ‘Rewear’ – that positions the brand as a sustainability supporter. Through a new positioning, the brand encourages people to wear clothes instead of throwing them away after wearing them for one time. ‘Clothes Live Longer with Vanish’ is the core message that supports brands correspondences.

Its new marketing campaign underlines that many individuals use their clothes not more than ten times before discarding them, resulting in over ninety million tonnes of textiles being dumped each year.

Through praising Vanish’s mission to create a solid and practical commitment to the fight against clothing squander, the campaign fosters a shift in societal perceptions and practices. Vanish’s product line is centred on common, conceivable advancements that place the brand in a vital position in society’s movement toward a more sustainable way of life.


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