Where and how to run programmatic video ads: An explainer for marketers


With attention spans decreasing by the day, grabbing the viewers’ attention is becoming a daunting task. Programmatic video ads are evolving as an attention-grabbing alternative that helps present stunning combinations of visuals and narratives.

Did you know video ads remain inside the memory of close to 80% of the viewers for the next 30 days? With a minute’s video worth 1.8 million words, more and more marketers turn to programmatic video ads to increase revenues.

According to marketing and media expert Mary Charleson, by 2021, 86% of the content viewed online will be video. So it is no wonder that 94% of video marketers claim that videos have helped increase user awareness of their products.

Source: Martech.org

However, marketers need to select video ad networks offering technical support and expertise to keep away fraudsters. Here are some video ad networks that are excellent alternatives to YouTube and other social media platforms for all your programmatic advertising needs:

Select media is ideal for desktop and mobile screens, and marketers are vying to accept this platform. Suppose you are looking for secure and fraud-free media with a global reach. In that case, Selectmedia is your best bet for video monetization with modern analytical video tools and a promise of personalized delivery. The platform offers the perfect foundation for an international video advertising environment.

The formats the platform offers include bottom sticky, slider playlist, overlay, and in-content. In addition, you can expect guaranteed revenues, thanks to the yield optimization tools they provide to run out-stream video ads. The downside is that you don’t get to use first-party data, nor can you expect excellent CPMs for your ads as the auction happens in open exchanges.

Verizon Media boasts over 2.7 billion monthly video views and claims to be the platform for professional videos. Previously known as Oath, Verizon is one of the leading video platforms offering choice assets of Yahoo and AOL, besides dependable customer support. In addition, it is one of the best video ad networks offering top-grade safety tools that are easy to use.

You can run out-stream video ads in various formats and include a script as well. Creating a high impact on the small screens with purpose-built mobile ads, Verizon’s video strategy focuses on reaching audiences on the go. With millennials consuming more videos online than any other target audience, Verizon presents the perfect video advertising solutions for marketers.

Chocolate Platform claims to be the world’s first video platform with 100% server-side auctions. Your browser remains unaffected as Chocolate Platform conducts all auctions on a server. It is best suited for video advertising as there’s no open-ended webpage ecosystem, and all OTT advertising is done server-to-server. Also, there are no vast tags to navigate or complex header wrappers.

One of the fastest-growing video ad networks, Chocolate Platform is ideal for mobile developers and publishers and a great way to target mobile users. The platform suits publishers owning or marketing mobile apps as it doesn’t focus too much on mobile sites. As a result, close to 90% of the bids are on mobile apps, with hardly 10% on the mobile web.

AdMedia offers programmatic advertising solutions and lets you monetize third-party videos. AdMedia offers increased ROI on every search as it leverages first-party data to enhance performance, one of the largest search marketplaces outside of search engines.

The platform ushers in a new digital transformation that lets you grow your business via audience-based targeting. The services include reporting, account maintenance, and optimization, taking the load off the marketers’ shoulders. AdMedia shows you brilliant ways to target Facebook users without buying ads on the social media giant.

Teads is a global media platform that reaches 2 billion users every month via some of the world’s best publishers. Offering a single access point to leading publishers, Teads offers full-funnel solutions for video ads suiting your business objectives. In addition, you can expect guaranteed outcomes for your video advertising, thanks to Teads’ AI and cookies fewer data.

It is easy to adapt your TV commercials for the small screen (mobile) by recrafting the assets created for TV using Teads tools. Besides helping increase your brand lift metrics, the platform allows your campaign to become pretty compelling. Teads’ creative enhancements help you meet KPIs and transform assets to accelerate the desired outcomes, including viewability, dwell time, and CTR. With Teads’ mobile-first approach, you no longer need to have a separate budget for mobile advertising to enhance your video ads campaigns that get support for different ad formats, including video and display. In addition, Teads’ vast repertoire of data collected over the past decade offers insight into what makes users engage.


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