LEAD honours teachers and school owners for their resilience in latest Teacher’s day campaign #OutOfSyllabus


In 2020, the pandemic outbreak severely affected a majority of business sectors. One of them is the education sector, which got hampered with schools and colleges getting closed. Although some colleges have resumed working, more than ten lakhs of educational institutions are shut. The world witnessed everything moving from face-to-face interaction to virtual meets. LEAD, an educational consulting company, launched a heartfelt campaign, ‘Out of Syllabus’ on teacher’s day, praising the resilience of those school owners, teachers and mentors who didn’t give up despite several adversities.

Indeed, the whole system was hampered due to worldwide lockdown and social distancing norms; the educational sphere faced the most. It was difficult for the education sector to comprehend the new normal with many issues affecting parents, educators, and kids equally due to embedded traditional beliefs, classroom structure, and debilitating economy. The pandemic precisely defined the meaning of unprecedented or #OutOfSyllabus.

The film begins with a principal being interrogated by teachers, parents, and students about working efficiently during these daunting times. The parents are questioning the head of school on how to make their kids learn everything through a small computer screen, whereas the teachers are constantly asking for support for their teaching methods since they are not well-versed with technology. But, the students face major troubles as their whole future is at stake. Nonetheless, the principal makes the decision to confront these obstacles eye-to-eye to address the crisis.

The emotional protagonist of the ad meets his students online, which seems quite different & complex from the typical setting. LEAD recognizes the unrecognized contributions of these future line workers who stood as educators to kids and mentors to teachers during these challenging circumstances with this compelling film.

The #OutOfSyllabus campaign is a tribute to every brave ‘Future Line Worker’ who guaranteed that children in India could keep learning without any interruption.


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